Sacred Heart Marist Observatory

Founded in 2016, Sacred Heart Marist Observatory's mission is to follow the Marist philosophy to give special attention to the poor and neglected by addressing the educational needs of both the refugee population and other at-risk students in South Africa. Our goal is to ensure social justice for these most marginalized children in our global community.


One of our goals is to create a place of learning, where the warmth of welcome, acceptance and belonging prevail. 

Scholarship Programs


In the face of growing injustice and inequality, many talented young people are never given the opportunity to succeed. Sacred Heart College recognizes the need to nurture pupils from a range of economic, social, spiritual and cultural backgrounds. We are determined not to become a school that only the very wealthy can access, as this only serves to perpetuate the widening gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in South Africa.

We also believe that, in the context of a failing education system, it is critical to create pockets of excellence for the future of our country. Our scholarship program  is an investment in a young person’s future, but it is so much more than that. It is an investment in our collective future as citizens of the world. The returns on this investment are incalculable – and will reverberate forever.

US Alumnae Network


The US Alumnae Association of Sacred Heart College connects those graduates living in the United States with each other and the College.

The US alumni network diverse group the resides throughout the United States and have achieved success in virtually every possible field of endeavor… medicine, law, teaching, fashion, engineering, architecture, the arts, technology, business and finance, and professional sports.



At the present time, there is an extensive waiting list for entrance into the Three2Six program as well as an extensive list of at-risk students requesting scholarship assistance to Sacred Heart College.

There are several ways to support the Three2Six Program

  • Volunteer Holiday Program
  • Family Feeding Program
  • Sponsor a Learner

If you would like to participate in a program or volunteer, please contact us.